Peachtree Accounting Software



Software opening, Welcome screen, Company creation, Company information, Business type, Select method, to create your company, Accounting method, Posting method, Fiscal year

Open an existing company, Peachtree setup guide, Account creation, Account Types, Account payable, Account Receivable, Accumulated Depreciation, Cash, Cost of sales, Equity doesn’t close, Equity gets closed, Equity retained earnings, Expenses, Fixed assets, Income, Inventory, Loan term liabilities, Other assets, Other Current assets, Other current Liabilities,

Chart Of account, Profit loss account, Stock account, purchase account, Discount Receive account, Sundry Creditors account, Sales account, Discount allowed, Sundry debtors account, Freight account, Cash account, Capital account, Bank account, Furniture account, Account Opening balance, Set up Account Defaults,  Sundry Creditors account, Setup Vender Default, Setup customer defaults


Stock creation, Inventory and Services, Inventory item default, GL Sales Account, GL Inventory Account, GL cost sales account, Costing, GL Freight Account ,Stock item creation, general Information, Item tax type, Custom fields, History,


Journal entry, Banking, General Journal Entry, All payment without purchase, All receipt without Sales, Cash deposit, Cash withdraw, Bank transfer, Adjustment entries, Purchase , Purchase payment, Sales, Sales receipt


Purchase return, Sales return, Sale rep, Employee and payroll, Sales with Sales rep, Sales invoice, Report, Commission payment


Manufacturing, Stock creation, Inventory and Services, Purchase Stock, Inventory Item default, Assembly, Production, Item and Services, Assembly, Build new Assembly, Sales of Finished Goods, Report, Inventory, Bill of materials report


Purchase order, View and Edit purchase order, Apply to purchase Order no, Sale order, View and Edit Sale order, Apply to Sale Order no


Job, Work creation, Stock creation, Stock purchase, Construction, Adjustments, Additional Expenses for job, Journal entry, Report, Job Profitability report, Job sales, Report, Job Profitability report


Payroll, Payroll setup, Payroll Options, Company information, Company information, Benefits, Taxes, Setup complete, Deduction and contribution settings,   Payroll setup default, Employee creation, Payment of employee, Payroll entry


Time ticket and expense ticket, Create customer creation, Employee Creation

Work creation, Work details, Time ticket and expense ticket, Billing

Peachtree global options, Shortcuts

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